Mitech XXHA-2005 Ray Flaw Detection




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40.5*40*72.5cm, 47*47*33cm

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    MITECH inflatable X ray generator is a portable X-ray flaw detector for X ray nondestructive testing, it uses the the difference of degree of absorption to material thickness to detect the internal defects of materials. The detector has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy-carry, simple operation, especially suitable for cooperatively working with power generation units in various harsh environments ; film material can directly display the size and shape of internal defects in the workpiece , the defects image reflected on the film are true and clear and it can be long-term preserved; Without special requirements to the surface roughness of the workpiece . the effect of material grain size has little effect on the test results, applied to the internal defect detection of various materials. With strong anti-interference ability, good stability, reliable operation, it has obvious advantages in the construction and high-altitude operations, is widely used in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, aviation, railway, pressure vessels, boilers, oil, Chemical industry, national defense industry and other industries, is the ideal equipment for nondestructive testing.

    Function & application

    The instrument can be widely used in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, aviation, railway, pressure vessels, boilers, oil, Chemical industry, national defense industry and other industries, is the ideal equipment for nondestructive testing.

    Working Principle

    X ray generator produce X-ray film, using the different absorption degree between the material and thickness to display the internal defects of parts and weld seam in the film, according to the nature, size and location of the defect to evaluate the quality of materials and products.

    This series of X-ray generator adopts silicon controlled single-phase bridge rectifier, rectified voltage changed into DC voltage through LC filter circuit. This voltage converted into a unidirectional pulse with a variable frequency by thyristor chopper circuit, the sent into high-voltage pulse transformer for power supply to the X ray generator. This voltage of tens KV even hundred KV is added in X ray tube (a two staged tube) at both ends, electrons from the cathode to anode direction to accelerate and get a great amount of energy.  when the high-speed electrons strike the anode, and by interacting with the anode metal atoms outside the nuclear Coulomb field, emit X rays.

    When X ray through the material, the intensity gradually weakened. The important properties of X rays is to expose the film, just like ordinary light, it can make the silver halide in film emulsion layer to produce latent image center, after developing and fixing will be blackened, the more it receiving the ray the more black the film is. This effect is called the photographic effect. Because the photographic effect of X ray on the silver halide is much smaller than that of ordinary light, so you must use the special X ray film, both sides of this film are coated with a thick latex; in addition, also need to use a photosensitive screen which can strengthen the effect, the screen is usually made of lead foil. Put the exposed film in the darkroom, after developing, fixing, washing and drying, then observing the dried film on the viewbox , according to the images of defective parts and non-defects. We can determine the type, number, size of defects, and this is the principle of radiographic inspection.

    Working Conditions

    Environment temperature: -25℃-40℃

    Relative humidity: no bigger than 85%

    Safe work pressure: 0.35-0.50mPa

    Note, Do not use when the pressure is under 0.35mPa

    Instrument Features

    Adopt microcomputer control, with reasonable internal structure, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight;

    Structure design is more lightweight, operate conveniently on-site;

    With over temperature protection device, the controller will automatically cut off the high voltage ,to avoid damaging the X - ray tube due to high temperature;

    mA (mA) stable unit can change with X ray tube filament voltage to adjust the unidirectional pulse frequency, to ensure the stability of X ray tube current ;

    KV (kV) control unit can continuously control the tube voltage level, to adapt to the radiography requirements of different material ;

    Anti interference circuit can effectively reduce the high voltage impulse of X ray generator to control system;

    Complete protection functions and the fault types can be displayed;

    The working time and rest time of the detector is in strict accordance with the proportion of 1:1

    Delayed high pressure start function, convenient for the operator to leave the dangerous area;

    The high pressure and control are isolated to keep the generator work more safe and reliable;

    Special testing power grid and voltage function,suitable for generator unit;

    Operating Method and Attentions


    1 Turn on the generator, the digital display "HH", the controller and cooling fan of X ray generator

    startup, X ray warning light on, then the buzzer sounds. After 15 seconds, the digital display time knob set value, the buzzer stop, standby light on.

    2 Adjust the knob to select the required exposure time.

    3 Before the operation we should warm-up the machine, in order to improve the ray tube vacuum

    degree, if the vacuum degree is bad, it will burn or breakdown the X-ray tube, leading to failure, and even discarded.

    4 After the warm-up, turn the KV knob into the requires value.

    5 Press “HV” on key, the indicator on, X ray generator starts to generate X ray. The

    computer start countdown, the digital tube display the decreasing time.

    6 When the digital tube display”0.0”, exposure time out, the generator will auto cut off the high

    voltage, buzzer on, ready light and high pressure light out, digital tube start count down(rest time). When the count down is over, ready light on, digital tube displays set value of time knob, prepare for the next exposure.

          Set the time-delay startup

    The generator is set by the following steps:

    When the ready light on, press "HV" on key for three seconds, the machine will enter the set state. The delay time can automatically change from 0.1 minutes to 5 minutes. Release the "HV" on key, the machine will automatically record the delay time.The display window return to the exposure time.

    Repress "HV" on key, the machine will enter the start state of high voltage delay. The buzzer rang, ready light flashing, digital tube dot flashing.

    When the automatic delay countdown is over, the high-pressure automatically open.

          Cancel delay function 

    There are two ways to cancel the delay,

    1 Turn off the power then turn on, it enters non-delay state;

    2 Repress "HV" on key, it displays “00”, release the "HV" on key.


           When using this generator there should be x radiation protection facilities. For example, using 2mm thick tinplate forprotection. If there is no protection measurement, we should take X ray generator as the center, keep no one in the field within a radius of 20 meters. Meet the safety requirements before radiographic.

    1 You should always check the air pressure in the X ray generator, do not use when the pressure

    is less than 0.35Mpa.

    2  Make sure the ground terminal of the controller is well-placed on the ground to ensure the


    3  Check whether the cable is well-connected, the socket is clean.

    4  During the rest period the generator, do not cut off the power supply, to ensure the cooling fan work continuously.

    5  When the power supply voltage is fluctuated at the moment,it is the general circuit protection,

    this is not a malfunction, you can continue to use 

    Instrument Maintenance

    When the generator is broke down or malfunctioned, you should stop using and check the reasons according to the phenomenon. Here are some possible problems and causes of the problems .

    1  Turn on the generator, the cooling fan didn’t work, digital tube has no display

    Cable line faults

    Power switch is broken.

    3A fuse broken

    2 Digital tube display error code

    “LA” no mA alarm

    “HA” over mA alarm

    ‘PU” over voltage alarm

    “PT” over temperature alarm

    3 Press “HV”on key, 20A fuse broken or switch jump, sometimes with buzzer

    X ray generator broke down

    Controller broke down

    The air pressure of X ray generator is under 0.35MPa

    4 Press “HV”on key, the digital tube display “LA”

    The cable is not well connected

    X ray generator malfunction

    The circuit of controller is broken down

    20A fuse broken down

    5 Leakage of Electricity

    The ground terminal is not well connected

    Insulation bad

    Notes, when the generator is malfunctioned, do not disassemble or adjust any part, contact our company in time, the maintenance department of our company will do the check and maintenance.


  • Darkroom disposal temperature 20℃±2℃,development 5 minutes, blackness≥1.5
    Film Tianjin Ⅲ film, two sides lead foil
    Exposure time 5 minutes
    Focus to film 600mm
    Insulation way SF6
    Max tube current 5mA
    Power supply AC220V±10% 50HZ
    Controller dimension(mm×mm×mm) 320×280×160
    Generator dimension(mm×mm×mm) 280×280×680
    Controller weight(kg) 12
    Generator weight(kg) 23
    Maximum penetration(Q235) 24
    Radiation angle 360°×40°
    Focus dimension(mm×mm) 1.0×2.5
    Capacity(kW) >2.0
    Output voltage(KV) 80-200